In science lesson, grade 6 students have learned about Archimedes , the most-famous mathematician and inventor in ancient Greece. In order to gain
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What’s up in Grade 5?

What great learners!


Opening of the Roman Scott Art Room at IST

We had Heidi, Roman’s wife, and several guests visit today for the renaming and opening of the Roman Scott Art room. This was a special event to
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Overnight at school!

Grade 9 spent an entire night at the school socializing and having a great


Grade 9 : Visits Oslo

Last Friday grade 9 went to Oslo with Ms. Jodie and Mr Alex to visit the science fair at Oslo University.  We also went to visit the National
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Grade 3 : Design Class

Grade 3 is working hard on Game Programming - they are excited to share their games and test each others games this


The visit to Brekkeparken Museum Skien (grade 8)

The guided tour has included: - a visit to the oldest building of the park (an open-hearth dwelling from the 14th century to see how people lived
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